Bamboo Plant Meaning – Good Fortune


Bamboo Plant Meaning – Luck


Bamboo is a subfamily of flowering perennial evergreen plants coming from the grass family Poaceae.  The giant bamboos are the largest member of this grass family. Usually bamboo has a cylindrical form. The stem itself is hollow. Bamboos are one of the fastest growing plants in the entire plants thanks to their system which is rhizome dependent. Bamboo has a cultural and an economic impact in Southeast Asia, South Asia and East Asia, being manly used as a food source, building materials and as a raw product.

What does bamboo really mean?

In Chinese culture and feng shui, the bamboo is a sign of luck. But the lucky bamboo as they call it depends on how many stalks of bamboo you have in your house.

Heart Shaped Bamboo Plant

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Lucky log – this bamboo looks like it does not have roots, but more like a log. One end of this is placed in water to grow and develop leaves. This bamboo log represents a life of prosperity and represents the perfect gift when starting a new business, as a sign of continuous growth and development. If you are lucky enough you will get one log that makes beautiful white flowers along with the healthy green leaves.

2 stalks of bamboo – as you may or may not have been expecting, two stalks are associated with love. You can send two stalks of bamboo to your partner as a sign of affection. At the same time, the number is said to double your luck.

3 stalks of bamboo – whoever said that 3 is a charm knew what he was talking about. 3 stalks of bamboo can bring 3 types of good luck in your house: wealth, happiness and long life.

4 stalks of bamboo – in Chinese, the number 4 sounds like the word death. This is why having 4 stalks of bamboo in your house will only draw negative energy in your life. At the same time, 4 stalks of bamboo shall be never given to another person, because you are subtly saying “I wish you were death”. It is considered ruse and offensive.

5 stalks of bamboo – each of the 5 stalks represent an area in your life that can bring you wealth: emotional, mental, intuitive, spiritual, physical. Having 5 stalks of bamboo in your house will draw good energy and health to every single one of these areas. You will have a healthy relationship, a healthy life, a healthy career and so many more.

Pyramid Bamboo Plant

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6 and 7 stalks of bamboo – they represent health and good luck, since the number 6 sounds like the chines word for good luck

8 stalks of bamboo – the number 8 is associated with the law of attraction and fertility, bringing healthy relationships in your life.

9 stalks of bamboo – the number is also associated with good luck and health.

10 stalks of bamboo – the number 10 is associated with perfection and with desire. You want your life to be perfect.

21 stalks of bamboo – if someone offered you 21 stalks it means they strongly wish you and your family to be well and healthy.

Bamboo plant is the ultimate choice of many who believe in feng-shui. Now that you know what it represents you can have it in your house or give it to your partner at any time.

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