Begonia Meaning – Beware or Friendship


Begonia Meaning – Beware or Friendship


Begonia is a genus containing perennial flowering plants in the family Begoniaceae. Begonias mostly live in the tropical and moist tropical environments. In cooler climates, most of the people use it as an ornamental flower.

Begonia Plant

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Begonias come in radiant colors, such as red and purple, orange and yellow, but also white and salmon. They are so beautiful it will take your breath away. The flowers are mostly shaped like a cup. The name of the flowers come from the French botanist Charles Plumier, who named the flowers after the Michel Begon, the governor of the Santa Domingo colony in the Caribbean.

Although very beautiful, the meaning of these flowers is somehow darker. The begonias are seen as a be aware sign, as a be cautious and stir clear sign.  Despite the bad meaning, begonias do not necessarily mean bad luck, death or diseases. The plant is non-toxic and can be given to your partner easily. Just because the flower does not have a particularly positive meaning, it does not mean you need to stay away from the plant.

In fact, begonias are too beautiful to stay away from. In numerology, the number attributed to begonias is 8, the sign of power and balance. Giving this flower to your partner can state the fact that you see her as a sign of balance, like she keeps you grounded. If we were to turn the 8 on a side, you would see the infinity symbol, which can be related to the way you are feeling about your partner. It can mean dedication and undying love. It can mean you are willing to build a strong foundation for your relationship and that you can see a future next to your current partner. Give these flowers out of love and they will lose that stay away meaning.

Begonia Plant

Click on the picture and Send this Red Begonia Plant to your loved one.

If you are a superstitious person you can always choose to plant begonias instead of giving them away. If you have received begonias and you are quite fond of their meaning, I suggest you take a flower pot, some ground and plant the begonia. You can also opt for an outside planting, but only if you are staying in a more tropical atmosphere. Begonias are flowers that need sun and humidity most of the times. They do not get along well with the cold. So if you plan on planting the flowers outside, make sure it is warm enough to do so.

At the same time, you can use begonias in most decorative designs, as many people do. You can place them around the house and do ornaments with them.

Or you can simply adjust your belief to North Korea’s and see begonias as a sign of friendship, justice and peace. Therefore, if you adopt this point of view, begonias make great flowers after an argument. Your partner will most likely fall in love with the bright colors and the perfume of these flowers and keep them inside the house. During summer you can plant them in the garden and let them bloom.

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