Bonsai Meaning – Balance And Harmony


Bonsai Meaning – Balance And Harmony


Bonsai is a form of art from japan that uses small tress that grow into containers. But similar practices also exist into the Chinese culture as well. In fact, the tradition of bonsai comes from the Chinese practice called penjing. Another form of art can be found in Vietnam and it is called hon non bo. But the Japanese tradition goes back a thousand years.

A “bon” from the word Bonsai means a pot, usually a part of the bonsai culture. In English, the world bonsai is used to depict an umbrella term connect with all the miniature trees that can be found in pots or different types of containers.

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The art of Bonsai is merely for contemplation, but for the ones that grow this small trees it is all about ingenuity and effort. The bonsai is not cultivated for food, medicine or other fields. But this practice focuses mostly on long-time cultivation and the ability of shaping one or more trees which grow in a container.

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Bonsais and this form of art are linked with balance, age, simplicity and harmony.

Healthy RelationshipHarmony – the Japanese have built this form of art to show that with less power, the effect can be the opposite. At the same time, bonsais are carefully attended. Growers make sure that their shape, branches and leaves are in a complete harmony with each other. They also make sure that the bonsai’s curves go well with the other elements surrounding it. In a word, bonsai can mean perfection.

Healthy RelationshipAge – the age of the bonsai plays a big part in what it can be associated with. If the trunk breaks into piece and the parts grow into a circle, it is associated with the triumph over the other elements of nature. If the bonsai has a smooth texture it is associated with vitality and youth. If the trunk of the tree is dead, but placed strategically, it can mean something more than meets the eye. It can mean rebirth or the continuous evolution of the tree.

Healthy RelationshipBalance – a bonsai is always grown as a triangle, which offers the possibility of being associated with a more natural sense of balance. In fact, there are many triangles inside the bonsai, which most of the time are asymmetrical. The asymmetry can mean movement, a continuity.

Healthy RelationshipSimplicity – less is truly more. And this is what the bonsai wants to say about himself. The tree is not decorated with anything and does not grow flowers or fruits, but within its simplicity, it is very beautiful and delicate.

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And for all these association, having a bonsai inside your house is great. As they are miniature trees they can be placed in every corner of your house. You can give it as a gift to your partner or you can both decide to buy one. Regardless of who is buying the bonsai, the tree will lighten up your house.

Small, simple and elegant are the three words that would describe it.

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