Cactus Meaning – Endurance


Cactus Meaning – Endurance


Cactus is a plant that comes from the Cactaceae family. Cacti come in different shapes and sizes, but also in different colors. They are mostly spread in areas with drought. They are those wonder plants that retain water in order to have it for a longer period of time. I am sure you have seen it at least one times or at least you were curious enough to see if the sting. They did, didn’t they?

Cacti flowers come as well in different sizes colors and shapes. Some look like a tube, some look like an urn or maybe like a bulb. The diversity of them it what makes them fun to be around. They also look nice as an ornament inside the house.

Bronze Zygo Cactus

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Back in the days, telling a person what you feel exactly was more of a forbidden by society kind of thing. Instead of that, people used flowers to express their feelings. Cactus is known for its ability to resist through tough times. The cactus means endurance, the ability to stand still and to resist in front of unknown things.

Although it might seem as a boring plant, cactus is a great one. Just way until spring time and it will show you want it can do. They bloom in spring time, turning your dull looking cactus in a beautiful picture.

A cactus is a perfect way of telling someone you have strong feelings about them, without actually telling them. Just adopt the manner people used to do it, by offering flowers. Or plants in this case.

For couples, offering a cactus is a great way of letting the other know that you think your love will endure every single battle that you will come across.

Cactus Dish Garden

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The cactus also means bravery, affection, warmth, grandeur and even a mother’s undying and unconditional love to her children. As you can see, a cactus represents a lot of things, having multiple meanings. The first thing you get to see about the cactus is how tough the plant is. In the midst of drought, it can endure. Just like a mother’s love for her children. Despite all the naughty things they have done over the course of years, despite all the crazy things they have said, despite the fact that some children do not rise up to their mother’s expectations, the love of their mother never changes. In fact, over time it can only grow and bloom.

Giving a cactus to your wife and to the mother of your children is stating what you think of her and how brave, warm and affectionate she really is. No matter the situation she has fought for her family and the good of it. She worked hard and almost never complained in order to provide for her children. And she took care of the house and her husband. She endured everything and she is capable of enduring even more for the sake of her family.

A cactus can say all that if it is given out of love.

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