Chrysanthemum Meaning – Cheerfulness


Chrysanthemum Meaning – Cheerfulness


Chrysanthemum is also called mum or chrysanth and are flowering plants of the genus Chrysanthemum in the family Asteraceae. They come from northeastern Europe and Asia.  The center of diversity is in China, but most of the species come from East Asia.

These flowers come in multiple shapes and multiple colors. Most Chrysanthemums come in the shape of a button or are disk shaped. Colors vary from pink, red, orange, white, green, purple, blue and there are even black ones on the market. It is wonderful what people can do these days regarding flowers and how many colors they can have.

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Chrysanthemum is a beautiful flower which means cheerfulness. It a great flower you can give to a friend in order to state that he or she is a wonder friend and person. You will want to give this flower to that friend who has a very bubbly personality, the one that is loyal and will always jump to help you out.

Back in the days, Chrysanthemum was only dedicated to the royalty, so many people were prohibited to cultivate or grow the plant. Nowadays that restriction has been dropped and mums are a part of Feng Shui. Having these flowers around the house can actually mean happiness.

Just like for the carnation, with every color comes a different meaning. Chrysanthemums are in general linked to true friendship, cheerfulness and rest, while the yellow ones represent slighted love, the red ones equal deep love and caring for someone and finally the white ones represent the truth.

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During our lifetime we all have different types of friends, we all encounter people who are supposed to stay in our lives or not, but we always meet that one person who we can share everything with. Even the darkest of our fears or even the most ridiculous experiences and dreams, that person is there for us to hear it all. And we feel like we have found our soul twin. Usually, these kinds of friendships resist through thick and thin, through good and bad experiences.

This experience can go to a whole new level if the person you can call your best friend is actually your lover. You can feel all the things you have never felt before. You get to be loved and to love he person that understands you the best. You can goof around and spend quality time with your best friend and lover. Now this is a relationship that will last forever.

In the case you consider your female partner your best friend, mums are always a great choice in terms of flowers. They can have a romantic feeling, while confessing to her that she has been a wonderful friend throughout the whole period. You can place them around the house and have your home filled with joy and happiness, not to mention the beautiful and vibrant colors you will have lying around the house. Plus that particular smell they have.

Chrysanthemum is an amazing flower to give and to receive.

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