Dating Older Women

Dating Older Women

Dating Older Women


Many men love the idea of dating older women. Although many women, younger or older, can’t really understand why a man would want an older woman, here are a few reasons why a man should prefer older women over young ones.

Healthy RelationshipShe is independent – a younger woman is all over the place. She does not know exactly what she will do with her life. Not to mention that she might not be fully grown, financially, professionally and personally. At a younger age woman need to evolve more and become the bigger people they should become. She might also be financially dependent which will make a man cringe.

Healthy RelationshipShe knows what she wants – forget the women in your life that did not know exactly what they wanted. When you are dating an older woman, most of the times she will know exactly what she wants. It is mainly because she is more mature.

Healthy RelationshipShe can make you a better man –an older woman can teach you a thing or two. And no, I am not speaking about sex, but life things. An older woman has more life experience than you have and she is able to offer you some advice in case you need it. She can also teach you how to dress better, how to speak better, how to cook or how things done when they are supposed to be done are of great importance.

Healthy RelationshipShe speaks her mind – as I am sure, you already met those women who fuss around about everything, yet they do not tell any man exactly what is on their mind. And while the fussing around might be considered cute for a little while, it becomes annoying at a certain point. When you are dating an older woman, you will not have problems of this sort. These women know exactly what words they should say, when and how to approach a certain problem.

Healthy RelationshipShe is fierce – older women are fierce, because they have more life experience. Most of them speak their mind and when they do, they are not afraid about hurting your feelings. Their emotional intelligence has taught them that if you get upset is because you are not mature enough to accept what she has been telling you. If you understand and work on it, you are exactly what she may be looking for.

Healthy RelationshipShe is great in bed – older women know what they have to do in bed in order to drive their partner crazy. And on top of that, they are not at all shy about their bodies. They have embraced it and understood that as long as you love yourself everything will be alright.

Here are 6 reasons why a man would want to pick an older woman over a younger one. There are plenty more of them, but these are the main ones. An older woman is a thing we all need in our lives.


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