A gem is not polished without rubbing, nor a man perfected without trials

I have realized one thing: it’s not my place to explain people what to feel and what to do. Telling my partner what to feel and how to act after break-up was wrong as everybody has their own way of dealing with feelings. Due to my lack of time and multitude of problems ahead I’ve decided to just ignore it. I think I never confronted with this and I guess I will never have time to.

One thing I regret she didn’t understand: I wasn’t going to be the same guy she fell in love with and things were not going to continue as they were. I wasn’t going to be a good friend, a good listener a partner of life as I was overwhelmed and couldn’t be a support for her as she got used/expected. It was fake of me to stick around without being what she needed and destructive for me as well.

I regret not being her best friend anymore but my new life requires attention on other aspects and actually my whole energy has to go to other places. I’m in a race against time and got so many things to do. Should a problem occur that would require my help she could count me in but I’m not good otherwise as daily support.

I have no intention of making any mention about my feelings because as I’ve said I’m not interested in that part anymore, it just makes me lose focus on my goals. I can’t talk about past, present and future as I honestly don’t know where it’s going and how long I’m going to make it. Over this new period in life after the news, I decided I’m a different man, with different goals and even though life is at my hardest point I’m enjoying it to the maximum.

It was never about a woman, she was the best and what else could I find in someone else that she didn’t have? It was about solitude and having a chance of putting my life in order based on my latest news. Maybe the outside world could reason should it be said it’s a mental disease:)

I know I’ve said giving advice is something I won’t do but if people around her need a solution for the breakup I can take the guilt and say it’s another women, it’s ok for me. My new solitary lifestyle doesn’t even involve people and their opinions around me so what difference would make a good or bad one.

What I would like for everyone to understand is trying to focus on finding the good part in life no matter how hard it is and making peace with our feelings, they exist in us but can’t control our future. Everything we experience builds character and as I know her she was born a winner. There is no way her life will go, but up she just has to take control over it!

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