Journey Of Life – Loneliness Or Solitude

Loneliness Or Solitude

Loneliness Or Solitude


Time passes, the mind roams and the heart cries but in moments of lucidity you wonder why all the pain and what is the benefit of it all? Things are prone to an end and a beginning. It can end either by our choice, others or an external factor that proves to be life changing.  But if you stop letting your heart to decide you realize only one thing: it’s just a fact, nothing more. Life throws a fact and it’s your decision to suffer. Why? If you can’t do anything to make present things better it’s best to invest your energy in making your future right. That proves the logical path in all cases but sometimes people like to suffer. Yes, it sounds strange but it’s a fact. They don’t accept the continuity and fluency of things in life so they rather pause and suffer until they decide the best course of action.

It’s just a waste of resources and time. No matter how heartless this may sound it’s a fact and we’d better accept it. I’ve been through the suffering path as well but things weren’t right, they didn’t have a logical approach. Why did I decide to suffer? Was it right? Was I focused on my decisions and reason of breaking up? All the answers showed that suffering is the way to go.  Life is a complex of feelings, actions, realizations, love is just a part of it. It’s not right to let a part of our life take over our whole life. I’ve realized this and I hope my ex partner will feel the same in the end. I am sure she’ll see this and get positive results in all the parts of her life, I just wish she’s going to reduce the suffering part. It’s not worth it. She’s a special person and deserves only the best which I have no doubt she’ll get, she just puts a stop to it for the moment and it’s a shame.

Now you’re going to see yourself in the next step of life and that’s when you have to ask yourself again. Yes, things work only by asking yourself, you’re the best person to talk to regarding your needs and feelings. Loneliness or solitude? Well it’s the same physical state but it’s just a psychical preference: do you really feel alone or feel the glory of being alone?

If you feel that by being alone you’re immersed in your own thoughts, life goals, aware of your own presence rather than the lack of others, congratulations, you’re in a solitary state. That’s an achievement not a loss and is something to really appreciate. I’ve came to the conclusion that I’ve never had the time to discover myself and it’s an interesting path to take upon. It’s probably not going to be the end of the road for me, if my health allows it, but I’d have missed a lot should I have skipped this part of life. I have had time to clear my head, reconnect with myself and see what has to be done.

I know this is just the beginning of the journey but I am eager to see where it takes me. I’m thrilled to be a part of this and I know now my life is in mud, but I only see the beauty of the blue sky. I guess this not only confirms that I’ve done the right choice, take the bad of my life upon myself but I also see aspects I’ve never seen before. I’m just curious if I can just get out of the mud and enjoy the blue sky sitting on a beach drinking a non alcoholic beer:)

I just wonder why Jules Verne said: “Solitude, isolation, are painful things and beyond human endurance.” Could it be the fact that in time pressure builds,the sky turns dark and the storm is coming or was it just the fact that he didn’t select the best approach in his solitary path? Either way the road has started, there is no going back so we’ll live to see, hopefully:)

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