Orchid Meaning – Love And Beauty


Orchid Meaning – Love And Beauty


Orchidaceae is a widespread family of flowering plants with blossom that are most of the time colorful and have a powerful smell. They are mostly know under the name of orchid family. There are many species of orchids and they also come in various colors as well. Each color has its own meaning, but today we are going to analyze what the orchid overall means.

In the Victorian era when orchids were unavailable in all parts Europe, the shipping costs all the way from the Fast East from Europe were really high. So in that time, this beautiful flower was mostly associated with luxury and was a mean that only a few people could afford, especially the very wealthy ones. Nowadays, orchids are admired for their exotic looks, but they are no longer a sign of wealthy. In fact, orchids have been spreading all over the Globe. Now they symbolize the most powerful feeling in the world, love.

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In ancient Greece the orchid was a sign of virility and fertility. It was strongly believed that one can determine the sex of an unborn child by consuming this flower. It was believed that if the man ate big tubers of orchid the unborn child would be a boy, but if the woman would consume small tubers, she would have a girl. This is why orchids are the perfect gift for your partner if you are expecting a baby or for a person that is expecting a baby.

But today, orchids are also linked with the idea of beauty and perfection, mostly due to the lines that run exactly through these flowers. The form is also somehow geometrical despite other flowers’ shape. The beauty and perfection is believed to be found in symmetry and that’s why orchids have this particular meaning. These meanings also make orchids some pretty incredible flowers to give to your partner. It states the fact that you see her as a beautiful person, close to perfection or even perfect in your eyes.

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As previously stated, orchids are also linked with the idea of love. They have the ability to grow almost on any type of soil and they actually bloom under any circumstances.  Still in the Victorian era it was believed that the harder it was for a man to find this flower, the more meaning it had, symbolizing love and affection on a much deeper note.

But in Ancient China, the orchid meant many children, innocence and refinement. So if you are a man that wants many children, you can always offer this flower to your loved one to symbolize just that. The Aztecs believed that a mixture from a Vanilla orchid and some chocolate would make them stronger and more powerful. This is why the used to drink this mix as often as they could.

As you can see, orchids are flowers with many meanings. You can always give it to your partner, because all the meanings it bears, are positive. Not to mention that the plant looks absolutely stunning.

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