Phalaenopsis Orchid Meaning – Love And Affection


Phalaenopsis Orchid Meaning – Love And Affection


Phalaenopsis or also known under the name of moth orchids, are abbreviated in the horticultural trade as Phal, being an orchid genus of approximately 60 species. Native to southern China, some parts of Asia and the Indian Subcontinent, Queensland, New Guinea and Bismarck Archipelago.

This type of orchid usually comes in the color of pink. Pink is associated with love and affection. It is also a sign of admiration and caring due to its vibrant and perfect colors. It makes it a great flower to give on the anniversary of you 14th year of marriage. Besides from that, some people associate it with the idea of virility and fertility. It times of the Ancient Greece this orchid was most associated with the fact that it can actually predict the sex of an unborn child. If women ate small tubers of it, it meant the child was going to be a girl, while on the other hand, if the man ate great large tubers, the child was going to be a boy.

Phalaenopsis Orchid

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In China, as an example, the flower is associated with the idea of having many children. So if you two are a couple that want many children you can always have orchids lying around the house.

At the same time, the color pink is a color of perfection, which is reinstated by the form of the Phalaenopsis orchid.

These orchids with their vibrant color and delicate petals are great to be put in your wedding bouquet.  Thanks to its radiant color it can be associated with mostly anything with a rather pale color. It will give the impression of an organized bouquet and it will brighten up this special day. Thanks to its many meanings, the orchid can symbolize fertility and a chance of having a numerous family right when you are in the House of God. Just as you are both taking your vows and pleading for undying love for each other, you will also have something that will remind you of the family you want to build together.

Phalaenopsis Orchid with Yankee Candle

Click on the picture and Send this Phalaenopsis Orchid with Yankee Candle to your loved one.

Phalaenopsis orchids are not only beautiful flowers to have in your wedding bouquet, but they are great flowers to give to a person that is expecting a child. If you two are, your partner could bring you one or even better. You could bring one to him in order to state the fact that you are a future mother.

Phalaenopsis orchids can also come in a flowers pot and you can plant them in your garden later on. But be aware. Phalaenopsis orchids require great attendance and lots of time of nurturing. They are very delicate flowers and they need everything to be perfect in order to bloom as beautiful as they can. Also, make sure the area you are planting your orchid in, has direct sunlight. These flowers require lots of it and enjoy it. In the meanwhile, make sure the soil is humid, not too dry. This can hurt your plant.

Phalaenopsis orchids are great flowers to nurture, but they do take time. Just like love.

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