Pink Carnation Meaning – Pure Love

Pink Carnation

Pink Carnation Meaning – Pure Love


Dianthus caryophyllus, clove pink or carnation is a species of Dianthus, probably coming from the Mediterranean region. Unfortunately, its exact point of birth is unknown due to the widely extension in the last 2.000 years. The plant grows up to 80 cm.

The carnation can be found in multiple shades, such as pink, red, purple, white, solid colors, striped and even yellow. Due to its many colors, the carnation can mean multiple things at once.

The meaning of the general carnation is linked to a woman’s love, but the meaning usually changes once the color of the petals does. The pink carnation is associated with the idea of a memory that will never fade, with the “I will never forget you” phrase. It is also associated with the idea of a mother’s pure love.

The latest association comes from the Virgin Mary. When she saw Jesus carrying the cross, she kept crying and crying. Whenever her tears fell, pink carnations would grow and bloom all of the sudden. From that moment, pink carnations were associated with the undying and unconditional love of a mother for her child. This is one of the main reasons why moms all over the globe receive pink carnations on mother’s day.

But pink carnation does not come in one general shade of pink. They vary from the lightest of pinks to shocking pink.

A male partner can give pink carnations to his wife or girlfriend as a sing of that she is unforgettable, that no matter how much time passes, he will never forget her. It is also a sing of everlasting love, because you can’t really associate anyone with the unforgettable feeling. You must really have deep feelings for the other person in order to be able to state such thing about her.

Pink Bouquet

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At the same time, a child can give his mother pink carnations to prove how much he or she cherishes and loves his or her mother. Mothers should be appreciated more often by their children. Showing support and appreciation to your mother is a thing all children should do at least once per week.

No matter if you are a child or a grown adult, your mother is still your mother and you should give her some pink carnations on Mother’s Day, show her how much she means to you. All mothers should be cheered once in a while. They do deserve it, don’t they? They took care of your lunch, hasn’t she? She also took care of you when you were sick, but she also managed to take care of her sick husband as well. Meanwhile she made you both soup and made a few errands.

Isn’t your mother just amazing? She is almost like a superhero, isn’t she?  Always running and taking care of others. Show her some love and support by offering her some pink carnations. Make sure to mention their meaning to her. That will only soften her even more. She will probably cry, but give her a hug.

Moms and wives deserve appreciation and nothing says that better than a pink carnation.

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