The love of my life left me to mess around and now loves someone else

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Anonymous asked 2 years ago

Me and my Ex boyfriend broke up about a month ago. We were together about a year, we really loved one another, wanted to spend the rest of our lives with one another as well. One day he broke up with me and eventually told me the real reason he broke up with me was because he felt he hasn’t really lived his life, he said he needs me in his life forever, loves me very much, but he doesn’t know what to do. I’m not sure if it was because he loves someone else but after that day of him telling me how he felt and him saying he knows I’m the one he’ll always come back to. A few days later he’s with the girl and he says he loves her. I don’t know what to do… Should I believe what he said? It seems he’s either not being honest with me or with himself. Nothing adds up

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Love Repair T.E.A.M.Love Repair T.E.A.M. Staff answered 2 years ago

In life usually facts weigh more than words. Judging by his actions even if he was true to you and himself, living the life means messing around with other girls. Are you willing to accept this? Will his actions have an expiration date?
Now would be the best time to talk to him and see what he really thinks about life. Just don’t take a confrontational attitude. It would be wise to say something like: Now that we broke up, we can be honest to each other: Do you still see me in your life? I am not asking to pressure you, I just want to know so I can find peace and move on. It would be fair for both of us to live our life as we please and maybe stay friends.
If you don’t sound pushy it’s probably the best moment to see what he exactly thinks as now there is no pressure on him. Whatever he said in the moment of breakup is not really relevant ( true or not ).
Hope the new information you’ll get from chatting with him will take you to the right direction in life.

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