My boyfriend has a strange and extreme sense of humor. He pulled of my panties in front of my friends. What should I do?

Relationship Free QuestionsCategory: QuestionsMy boyfriend has a strange and extreme sense of humor. He pulled of my panties in front of my friends. What should I do?
Anonymous asked 2 years ago

I have been with this guy, Frank, for the past 4 years. He has been nothing but a sweet and caring guy for the whole period we have been dating. He just has a rather strange sense of humor. One day he called by house and told my dad that I had a car accident and that I am in serious condition at the hospital. This nearly caused my father a heart attack and he needed to be taken to the hospital. When he called the house again to tell my mom that it has been nothing but a joke, it was already too late. I confronted him that day and asked him not to do such thing again.

But last Saturday, when we were at a barbeque at my friend’s house, Frank began to throw water balloons at us. He actually managed to hit my friend, Laura in the face and then laughed at her pain. The next thing I know is that he came running to me and pulled my pants off. He even pulled off my underwear and I was too embarrassed to move. The worst fact is that my friend’s parents were watching the whole scene and I don’t know if I can ever look at them again. What should I do now?

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Love Repair T.E.A.M.Love Repair T.E.A.M. Staff answered 2 years ago

I honestly don’t know how you could stay with him after he nearly killed your father with his stupid joke. I would have dumped his sorry ass as soon as I learnt about my father. It was a very serious situation and he should have never joked about it.
Now, regarding your problem. I say you leave him. A man that does these kind of things is not a man you want to have in your life for the rest of your life. It is not his sense of humor that is strange. He has no sense of humor whatsoever. He is the definition of asshole. He does not know how to tell the difference from a completely reckless act and a joke. Pulling off your girlfriend’s pants in front of all these people is definitely not a joke. Nor is telling your girlfriend’s father that she had a serious accident. It is stupid and immature.
And I say you dump him. You don’t need a person like this in your life. He has been in yours long enough. You need a mature, sweet man who is ready to take full responsibility over his actions and not act like a spoiled brat. The fact that he had the audacity to hit your friend in her face with a water balloon and then laugh it off is simply mind blowing. Not to mention that he also ruined your imagine in front of all these people. It is something a man would never do. It makes me wonder if he is incapable of telling the right from the wrong.
This one is the first question from a long list of questions you need to ask yourself. I hope everything turns out well.

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