My boyfriend’s ex girlfriend has been harassing me and my family but he doesn’t do anything about it. I need advice.

Relationship Free QuestionsCategory: QuestionsMy boyfriend’s ex girlfriend has been harassing me and my family but he doesn’t do anything about it. I need advice.
Anonymous asked 2 years ago

I have been dating this guy for about 8 months or more, but his ex-girlfriend is crazy. At first, when we started dating I knew he was still in contact with her, but over the time I thought they actually broke things off. He said they did break things off. But she is crazy, she keeps calling his private number a couple of times per day, she keeps emailing him and now she found out my number and has been texting me nasty things. Like last week she texted me saying that my boyfriend keeps sleeping with her and that he got her pregnant. I blocked her number many times and changed mine just as many. But my boyfriend has not been doing anything about it and I seriously believe that if he had done anything it would have stopped. I told him to talk with her and to make her stop. He even got himself in trouble at work a couple of times and I am pretty sure his boss can’t stand her any longer. I am considering a break up because I simply can’t deal with him not doing anything and her non-stop harassments over me and my family. She even got in contact with my mother and my sister and called them all sorts of things. I simply can’t. I need your advice.

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Love Repair T.E.A.M.Love Repair T.E.A.M. Staff answered 2 years ago

I am pretty sure you can go to the police and ask for a restraining order on her. Just go with all the evidence you have on her, including the multiple calls she made on your boyfriend’s phone, emails and your text messages. It is not alright to keep silent and let her conduct her plan as she wishes. You need to do something about it and the police can help you get a restraining order against her. At the same time, you must convince you boyfriend that she has gone crazy and that he needs to do something about it. No one said that he needs to go over and hit her, but he definitely needs to talk to her. Tell him that you even considered taking a time off from your relationship. Maybe this way he will let himself see that she is not a good influence on him and be a man. Breaking up because of her is definitely not the answer you are looking for. Instead of it, try to make your boyfriend understand how important your relationship is to you and how much she can affect you. You both need to go to the police and ask for restraining orders. That’s if you want him to be free of her, just as you will be free of her. As soon as she does not respect the restraining order, she will have to deal with the police. And I bet that will not be great for her. Unfortunately, this is the only way I can see her removed from your life. I really hope everything turns out good.

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