Red Roses Meaning – Love And Respect

Red Roses

Red Roses Meaning – Love And Respect


Roses are one of the most romantic and beautiful flowers in the world. The rose is a woody perennial flower of the genus Rosa. There are over 100 species of roses and can be found in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. Since there are over 100 species of roses, there are multiple colors this flower comes into. From bring red, yellow to purple, pink and pale pink. And each color has its own meaning.

Red roses mean love and respect. This is why, the red rose is the perfect flower to give to your partner. Since they symbolize so precious feelings, giving it to your partner is like stating that you feel all these things for your partner. In a relationship, two of the pillars of it are love and respect. Love is the obvious one, because let’s face it, without love there is not relationship. You can’t be with a person that you do not like, let alone with a person that you absolutely despite or hate. You must feel some sort of attraction to the person you are dating. And with time, that attraction will turn into love. But respect is one hidden pillar. If you do no respect the person next to you, you will most likely end up cheating and abusive the other person. But respect comes in many forms. And respecting a person means respecting his choices and whatever she decides to do with her life.

Red Roses Bouquet with Message in a Bottle

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Red roses state all of that. They are those beyond beautiful flowers that can speak for you when you can’t. These are also great flowers to give when you just had an argument and you want to get things back on track. Or maybe just give her a bouquet of roses because you feel like doing so. Nice gestures are always cute.

At the same time the number of 12 roses seems to be the most popular, since it says “I love you” or “Please be mine”. But in fact, all red roses represent desire, the idea of wanting a person to be yours. If you have yet to find the right person for you, you could always use this flowers as a sign of desire. You could subtly say to your love interest how much you want her to be yours. Sometimes, what we might be feeling is hard to put into words. Flowers help us reveal our true feelings and also help us tell people whatever we fear to say out loud. Flowers can be of great help, but the person you are offering these to, must know what the flowers represent.

One Dozen Red Roses

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When it comes to roses, especially the red ones, most women know what they represent. Love and respect are the two main things women think about when they receive these flowers. So, if you are not romantically involved with a female, do not even consider to give her red roses. Or maybe you should stir clear from any type of rose.

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