Signs Of Infidelity – Change Of Behavior

Change Of Behavior

Signs Of Infidelity – Change Of Behavior


People who cheat, no matter what gender they are, tend to change their behavior in order to hide the possible signs. They tend to lie more and sometimes out of reflex. Unfortunately for them, the lies catch up with them and they end in a web of lies from where they can’t really get out. In fact, they get so caught up in lying they forget what they told to their loved ones just in a matter of minutes after they lied. Lying is a way of covering their tracks, thinking that a small one will not hurt anyone. Over the time, the lies they keep telling to their loved ones get bigger and bigger.

But cheating husbands and wives are not only lying to their partners, but they also lie to themselves. They think they can actually get away with having an affair, cheating on their partner and their family. An import sign of infidelity is change of behavior in your partner’s life.

Here is how you can tell if your partner is having an affair or not, by analyzing his/her change of behavior:

Healthy Relationship She is not coherent anymore – a.k.a he is lying through his pores. As previously stated, somewhere along the line cheating people forget what they told their partners. Maybe your wife told you she is going out for drinks with her female co-workers and instead she saw that Jack guy who works in the finance department. Cheaters forget their lies because most of the times they do not expect anyone to question their sudden change of behavior.

Healthy Relationship She makes excuses for trying new things – if she wants to go on a diet and go to the gym, she will not say to you that she does not feel comfortable with her actual body or that she has parts of the body that are not as shaped as she’d want them to be. Instead, she would make up some lame excuse about how eating clean is healthy and how important exercise is, despite the fact that 2 months ago she did not have the same opinion.

Healthy Relationship She is always jumpy – although cheaters do not expect anyone to ask them about their sudden interest in different things, they do expect to be caught at any moment. If she is always jumpy, even when you want to show her affection, there should be some red-flags rising up.

Healthy Relationship She keeps refusing you – let’s be honest here. The sex part is a very big important part of any couple. Married couples tend to oversee this part and post-pone it due to different chores, worries and other stuff that get in the way of it. But if your partner is always refusing even the smallest sign of affection, such as a goodnight kiss or maybe a hug, there is definitely something wrong.

If you noticed any of this change of behavior in your partner’s life it might be a sign of infidelity. But be careful before you accuse your partner of cheating. Think about any possible major events that happened in her life and then sit and analyze her reactions. Such accusation will not only hurt you partner, if not true, but will also pretty much ruin your relationship.

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