Toxic Relationship Signs

Toxic Relationship Signs

Toxic Relationship Signs


By definition, a toxic relationship is a relationship in which both of the partners do not respect one another, do not communicate and refuse to admit they have issues. But believe it or not, there are a couple of habits all people find normal, despite the fact that these are in fact unhealthy and cause unrepairable damage to your relationship.

Here are the habits we were telling you about:

Healthy Relationship Blame game – the blame game is a way of keeping score to who wronger more between the partners. If your partner has been reminding you of that time you wronged her back in 2009 it goes without saying that the relationship is not healthy. A normal couple would communicate their problems and find a way to fixing the issues that are causing troubles. Not to mention that when she wronged you, you were quick to return the blaming favor and you have not backed away from the method ever since.

Healthy Relationship Passive-aggressive behavior – instead of telling you how she really feels about a certain decision you took, a certain thing you bought or a certain act you must do, your partner tries to nudge you in the right direction. If you are one of those people who’s phrases start with „Maybe it is better if we..” chances are you have a toxic relationship. Healthy people tell each other exactly what they want from their partner and do not back away from a serious conversation.

Healthy Relationship Emotional blackmail – I think we all met at least one person in our lives who based his entire philosophy on blaming others emotionally. Such a person will never tell you straight forward that you are distant, but will use the phrase „I can’t be with a person who is always so distant”. It can be confused with passive-aggressive behavior as well, because the other person can’t simply state what she thinks.

Healthy Relationship Passing around the guilt – someone said that „Happiness is a choice” and he or she was right. All of our emotions are a choice. We are made to believe that we get angry because this is how we were built, to feel emotions and to be lead by them. But in fact, we were not. Every single day we choose to let our emotions get the best of us and this is how we end up hurting, suffering because we say something or do something we did not mean. As we can choose the way we see a situation and what emotions we should feel, your partner should not blame you for his or her emotions. If she or he does, it means she is a toxic person and she needs to work on that as soon as possible.

Here are 4 habits everyone thinks are normal, but in fact are part of a toxic relationship. Healthy couples talk about their issues, solve them and then forget about them. They leave the past be simply that, the past.

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