Would It Matter If?

I told her she was the perfect girl?

I told her that I miss her as well and know that true love is hard to find?

I told her that the reason for breaking up was to save our good times together also?

I told her that I also miss her as a best friend?

I told her that I finally understood, my lack of results while being with her was because I couldn’t stop thinking of her all the time?

I told her if we would have stayed together it would only resulted in hate, blaming her for my lack of results and frustration?

I told her that my life is on a better track should I be alone?

I told her that since my bad news my heart stopped thinking and switched over exclusively to the brain for decisions?

I told her that every time we talked or saw her it took me a few days to get back on track?

I told her that meeting or thinking of her is like being high and it takes me out of my world and tasks completely?

I told her that I tried to be cold and make her hate me as I think the most powerful feeling in the world is hate not love?

I told her that I really wish her the best and the hardest part for me is knowing she suffers?

I told her that I’ve cried about this more than I’ve cried in my entire childhood?

I’ve realized that the only way to focus fast on my tasks is closing the feelings part of me?

I told her that despite the turns lives take I still think we always get what we deserve? Nothing more or nothing less?

I told her that I hope she really is wrong and finds someone that could erase the pain and make her happy again?

I told her that I hope she will think in the end that this was just a beautiful propaedeutic period in her life?

I told her that love is not about possession, it’s all about appreciation?

I told her that just one laugh makes the person ten years younger?

I told her that she should start feeling joy in the small things and happiness will soon follow?

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